Want a bust size larger!

Many women are not fully satisfied with their appearance, all the time trying to correct something, to change for the better. If the basic parameters are far from the notorious 90-60-90 or girl androgynous physique, especially sharply the question may arise how to visually enlarge Breasts.

Want a bust size larger!

It is natural that ladies may not like the lack of rounded projections, is able to excite the minds of men. All the ladies want to be charming, to attract interested glances from the opposite sex.

We all know that for guys it is important how the girl looks. And not on hands or hair they look in the first place! Indefinitely, men can contemplate how smoothly move a woman's hips and heaving blouse from frequent respiration.

Well, when women have something to look at. What if the volumes are zero or close to it. We're not talking about how to enlarge breast teen. Nature needs time, the girl needs to Mature.

If Schoolgirls appeared complexes relatively small size of the bra is primarily to work with the self-esteem of girls, to provide psychological support and the problem will disappear.

The situation is more difficult when a woman is fully formed, but the bust never came. And so you want to attract admiring glances of men! How to visually enlarge Breasts without surgery?

Is there a way at home or in the gym to build up pectoral muscles, thereby correcting the volume?

The content of the article

You really need it?

Many girls wonder how to enlarge breast through exercise, folk remedies and other modern techniques. Can meet a variety of dubious recommendations of representatives of the one-day firms that advertise miracle creams or megapolise applicators.

But it is unlikely in practice, they somehow can increase the pectoral muscles. If you look at things soberly, without change volumes can be high on offers half the size, or one size. This will require a lot of training and hard work.

Before you set a goal to enlarge breast through exercise, think, and if it is really necessary. From the look of your bust, do not depend on attitude of others.

Want a bust size larger!

And it is really unlikely that "plus one" to the volume can solve the problems with your man. If there are disagreements on fundamental issues, the improved figure will not give an answer.

The young man explicitly States that upset by the size of your bra, want to have a more Busty friend? It may be wise to drop it? Don't you humiliate such a consumer approach?

The explanation of breast enlargement without surgery may be warranted: you want to like himself, to lead a healthy lifestyle evenly to build muscle whole body (like the abdomen, thighs, arms and bust).

This positive motivation will lead you to the desired result, will give strength and patience to regularly do at home or in the gym, so as to adjust the shape.

Working on my silhouette

It is no secret that the greatest influence on the shape provides nutrition and physical activity. Want to change something in appearance, build muscle, get rid of fat? Go on a proper diet and get regular exercise.

This will help to remove hanging belly, to make the elastic buttocks and shapely legs. No exception and bust, but there is a caveat: because enlarge Breasts is more complicated than creating squares press on the abdomen to obtain the astonishing result you'll need a special set of exercises.

The main points that you should understand if you plan to do a bust:

  • The complex task of training – impact is not on the breast and pectoralis muscle

The fact that the volume of muscle tissue in the breast is extremely small, and it is located in the upper part of the Breasts. But the pectoralis major muscle is located inside, attached to her Cooper's ligaments, is responsible for firmness, elasticity and overall tone.

Workout at home or in the gym aimed at strengthening this muscle that gives a few inches.

  • Need prolonged exposure
Want a bust size larger!

The muscles in the area little sensitive to the weak influence. The growth will start, if only to provide a significant load. You should pay attention to how the athletes look.

To achieve the same amazing results, you need a lot of will power and motivation. If internal resources are not, and you doubt the necessity of his undertaking, it is better to abandon it and not waste time on fruitless activity.

  • You know, without the pain in muscles can not do

If you're in the gym and then I do not feel discomfort in the bust area, you should know that efforts are not enough. But when muscles are a little sore – a sign of proper training.

Do not torture yourself by doing the exercises using the volumes of the Soviet encyclopedia, it is not the best improvised means. At the beginning of the path to the desired result buy two dumbbells weighing 7-10 kg.

Do at home

Consider a few exercises that you can easily do at home.

  • Exercise # 1 — "the wall"

In the doorway with his back to become one of the racks, to make an emphasis with your hands in the opposite rack. Imagine that you want to move the wall and force push on the bar with your hands.

Do this exercise for a minute, lean forward and again repeat the pressure for another 1 minute. Then relax. Make three times.

  • Exercise # 2 – "prayer"

Standing or sitting, lean back against the wall and his hands close together in front of chest. With the strength and energy to push each other hands.

About 10-15 seconds hold the pressure. Then slightly move your palms away in the closed position and again squeeze them for ten seconds. Relax and repeat 3-4 repeat.

  • Exercise # 3 – "skier"

For this assignment you will need dumbbells. Become straight, with your back straight. Imagine that you run as a skier. Imitate these movements, slightly bending elbows, moving them back and forth.

After a minute of such action smooth hands slowly raise up to chest level, hold this position and lower down. Do this 5-6 times. Repeat a block of two exercises 3-4 times.

  • Exercise # 4 – the "spin horizontal"
Want a bust size larger!

Lie on the floor, put your arm around him, socks feet and hands. If the first time is too difficult, place feet on a chair or sofa.

Smoothly go down and up by hand. At first it will be difficult, so you can start with two push UPS and gradually increase the number to 20.

  • Exercise # 5 – "breakthrough"

Ulates on the floor (to spread a Mat). Place hands with dumbbells at the breast and make sudden movements with their arms up as if making the run. It will be enough to do so 8 times. Repeat three times, between which a little rest.

Practice in the sports hall

If you can't visit fitness centers and not familiar with the situation, contact your coach for help. He will give recommendations on equipment and advise you on how to choose the right temp and load.

In the gym you will likely have to raise significant weights. Over time, you will be able to worry about 80 percent of the mass of your body.

Want a bust size larger!

But, you need to be extremely careful and do not harm your body. Look at such equipment as "butterfly" and "pullover", they are ideal to achieve your objectives. Start small and step by step increase the number of sets and raise the weight.

So, we can make a clear conclusion: without surgery to improve the bust you can, but it will take time and great effort. How to enlarge breast teen?

To try to cope with the complexes and to wait a few years until nature will take its course. If you decided to do at home or in the gym, please be patient.

First, the result will be almost invisible, and after only a few weeks or even months of hard training, you will be happy with the reflection in the mirror. But beauty, as they say, demands sacrifice.

Good luck and achieve your goal!